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Plan-It Commander - Full Access

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Plan-It Commander is a computer game for kids with ADHD, that’s designed and proven effective in enhancing time management, working memory and social cooperation.

The game takes the form of an adventure game and centres on a situation involving considerable problems, a solution to which must be sought. Within the overall narrative, the player deals with different aspects of ADHD in several subgames.


Summer Solution: Plan-It Commander

At Plan-It Commander, our team understands that your child with ADHD may struggle with retaining information, staying on task, or making friends throughout the school year. As a result, you feel like you need to help your child before they fall too far behind in school.

What better time to provide your child with the opportunity to strengthen these skills than in the summer.

Typical summer solutions include tutors and academic programs but they tend to be more expensive, time consuming and your child probably doesn't love going. Plan-It Commander only has to be played for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, so your child can still participate in their favorite summer activities!

Plan-It Commander, wants to provide your child with a fun opportunity to improve their skills for the following school year and for the rest of their lives.

I was having so much fun playing the game that I didn’t believe that it was educational program
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Getting Started

⏰ How often does my child need to play the game?

Based on the results of a randomized control trial, we recommend that children play 3 times per week, for approximately 30 minutes per session. Your child should play for a total of 90 minutes per week. Our game limits play to a maximum of 65 minutes per session.

💫 When can I expect to see behavioral changes in my child?

Studies have shown that behavioural changes may be observed within 10 weeks of play, and sustained even 10 weeks after. We would like to note that every child is different, therefore every child’s progression may differ.

🎮 Where can the game be played?

All you need is a computer with internet to play. Getting the game setup in your home is easy.

The current edition of Plan-It Commander can be played on any computer (laptop or desktop) with Adobe Flash Player. Please, take a look at these simple technical instructions to get you started.

Technical Requirements for Playing the Game


Meet Alzar

Your child’s personal in game mentor that they will love!


Start your child’s summer journey for 3 essential life skills:


Time Management

Forward Planning


Social Cooperation