Throughout the four years of creating Plan-It Commander, many successful trials and studies were conducted. The research data from these beginning trials and studies prove the powerful impact that Plan-It Commander has on children with ADHD and their families. The results show the reduction of ADHD symptoms by teaching children with ADHD to strengthen their everyday life skills.



Study 1: The scientific basis for the development of the game Plan-It Commander

It details the therapeutic foundations of the game, which was specifically created to promote behaviours and strategies of daily life functioning that are often challenging for children with ADHD.

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Study 2: Behavioural outcome effects of Plan-It Commander: a randomized control trial

Researchers concluded that Plan-It Commander offers an effective therapeutic approach as an adjunct intervention to traditional ADHD therapies.


PhD Dissertation: Design and effectiveness of a serious game for children with ADHD

In this PhD dissertation, all the scientific studies on Plan-it Commander are summarized and detailed in one report. Here, you can learn more about the

User satisfaction collected from the studies include

  • 88% of parents would recommend this game to other parents

  • 77% of children were positive about making the game available for other children

  • 99% of the children continued playing the game for the entire controlled study


The Randomized Control Trial concluded Plan-It Commander to be an effective adjunctive behavioural intervention for children with ADHD