We believe that all children with ADHD have Superpowers! These powers include: ambition, quick reaction, creativity, intuition, and focus.

However these children tend to be challenged in areas such as day-to-day planning, organization, task initiation, emotional regulation, and time management - in general, tasks considered as executive functioning skills.

That’s why we’ve developed the Plan-It Commander game - built uniquely to promote behavioral learning for every daily life.

The persistence and passion of an interdisciplinary collaboration of leading mental health researchers, families with ADHD, and innovative game developers has been essential to the success of the game - making us incredibly proud to bring this award winning game to the rest of the world and beyond!

We are on a mission to empower kids with ADHD to achieve their greatest potential.
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Why Plan-it Commander was created…

Traditional therapies (including medication, neurofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy) can sometimes fall short in providing families with a sustainable and effective solution, that is also fun and engaging for a child with ADHD.

Digital solutions like Plan-It Commander allow parents and children to access effective therapeutic services at times and places that are convenient for them and at a one-time affordable price.

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Who developed Plan-It Commander?

Designed and tested in collaboration with researchers from leading academic institutions, ADHD specialists, mental health patient organisations, parent groups, gamification designers and behavioral change specialists. The following groups came together to achieve one goal: to improve the lives of children with ADHD worldwide.


Content Expertise

Yulius Academie, an organization with expertise in mental health care.


Game Development

&RANJ believes in creative gaming intervention to achieve behavioral change in children.


Project Sponsor

Heartbeat Ventures designs and scales sustainable solutions for a healthier world.