A fun digital learning game for kids to develop essential life skills


Effective in improving time management, working memory and collaboration skills


About the Game

In Plan-It Commander, children play the exciting role of a space captain in search for rare minerals throughout the universe. Players are sent on various missions and mini-games by an in-game mentor who provides guidance and feedback, while encouraging and supporting players throughout. Each mission has its own adventurous storyline and specific learning goals, all designed and shown to be effective in enhancing behavioural skills such as time management, working memory, and social cooperation.

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88% of parents would recommend Plan-It Commander to friends, family and other parents
— PhD Dissertation: Design and effectiveness of a serious game for children with ADHD

Play and Learn


Time management

- Setting priorities

- Performing daily routines

- Getting things done


Forward Planning

- Complex learning

- Cognitive reasoning

- Multistep planning


Social Cooperation

-Facilitating interactions

-Managing emotions

-Safe communications


Scientifically Proven by Leading Researchers

Designed and tested in collaboration with researchers from leading academic institutions, ADHD specialists, mental health patient organisations, parent groups, gamification designers and behavioral change specialists.

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*Scientifically tested by researchers from the above Institutes

Parents and teachers report that the children and students who play Plan-It-Commander apply the skills they practice in every day life.

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Content Expertise

Yulius Academie, an organization with expertise in mental health care.


Game Development

&RANJ believes in creative gaming intervention to achieve behavioral change.


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Heartbeat Ventures designs and scales sustainable solutions for a healthier world.