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The award-winning computer game for kids with ADHD, that’s designed and proven effective in enhancing time management, working memory and social cooperation.

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Reimagine your child’s ADHD therapy with a simple yet engaging game. With just a computer and internet, kids can enter a whole new universe of adventure and challenge, all while building skills that equip them to achieve their greatest potential.

Getting Started

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⏰ How often does my child need to play the game?

Based on the results of a randomized control trial, we recommend that children play 3 times per week, for approximately 30 minutes per session. Your child should play for a total of 90 minutes per week. Our game limits play to a maximum of 65 minutes per session.

💫 When can I expect to see behavioral changes in my child?

Studies have shown that behavioural changes may be observed within 10 weeks of play, and sustained even 10 weeks after. We would like to note that every child is different, therefore every child’s progression may differ.

🎮 Where can the game be played?

All you need is a computer with internet to play. Getting the game setup in your home is easy.

The current edition of Plan-It Commander can be played on any computer (laptop or desktop) with Adobe Flash Player. Please, take a look at these simple technical instructions to get you started.

Technical Requirements for Playing the Game

Game Development & Research

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Throughout four years of developing Plan-It Commander, a combination of researchers and developers contributed to the creation of this serious video game in the Netherlands. The organizations involved in developing and marketing the game include: the Yulius Academie for Mental Health in the Netherlands, &RANJ and Heartbeat Ventures. Additionally, researchers involved came from: University of Amsterdam, Coventry University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Maastricht University.

The purpose behind Plan-It Commander was born out of the need for a more accessible, affordable, engaging, and a non-drug treatment option that produces real change in a family’s daily life. The game was created to combine the practice of “eHealth” and a popular method for education and interactive training, serious gaming.

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The development of the game strictly focused on promoting behavioral strategies in domains of daily life functioning such as time management, planning/organizing and prosocial skills (cooperation) skills that have been shown to be problematic for school-aged children with ADHD. Plan-It Commander was created as an additional intervention to treatment as usual. Unlike other computerized neurocognitive training formats of requiring repetition of executive function tasks, Plan-It Commander promotes behavioral strategies via a computer game with integrated therapy elements that result in “real-life” behavior change. The aims of Plan-It Commander is the current need to improve accessibility of mental healthcare as well as motivate and engage patients for treatment by integrating user-driven technology.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of the game, a twenty week scientific study was conducted and therefore published in a peer review journal. The scientific study consisted of 170 participants aging 8-12 that came from four mental health clinics in the Netherlands and Belgium. The results consisted of positive feedback from parents, teachers, and students as well as improvements in the children’s everyday executive functioning skills.  

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