The scientifically-proven game for kids with ADHD


The computer game that’s designed and proven effective in enhancing time management, working memory and social responsibility


Beyond Medicine

A Fun and Easy way for your Child to Develop Essential Life Skills

Traditional ADHD therapies (including medication, neurofeedback, and cognitive behavioral therapy) can sometimes fall short in providing families with a sustainable and effective solution, that is also fun and engaging for a child with ADHD.

Plan-It Commander was born out of the need for a more accessible, affordable, engaging, and drug-free treatment option that produces real change in a family’s daily life.

Plan-It Commander is an online video game that helps your child learn the executive functioning skills of time management, forward planning and social cooperation.   

Researchers show that children continue to apply the skills in their daily lives, even 10 weeks after playing

Scientifically Proven by Leading Researchers

Designed and tested in collaboration with researchers from leading academic institutions, ADHD specialists, mental health patient organisations, parent groups, gamification designers and behavioral change specialists.

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*Scientifically tested by researchers from the above Institutes

More about the Game

The game takes the form of an adventure game and focuses on a situation involving considerable problems, a solution to which must be sought. Within the overall narrative, the player deals with different aspects of ADHD in several subgames.

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Play and Learn


Time management

- Setting priorities

- Performing daily routines

- Getting things done


Forward Planning

- Complex learning

- Cognitive reasoning

- Multistep planning


Social Cooperation

-Facilitating interactions

-Managing emotions

-Safe communications


“Parents and teachers report that the children and students who play Plan-It-Commander apply the skills they practice in every day life.”

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